Gifted Learner: 3 Ways To Prevent Bullying At School

Raising a gifted learner makes it feel as though each day is full of opportunities to discover new ideas. Yet, you naturally worry that your child's advanced abilities might make them stick out at school. As you develop your child's educational plan, use these tips to ensure that they do not fall prey to bullying so that they can reach their full potential.

Enroll Them In Extracurricular Activities

Gifted learners often focus on one particular area of learning until they have mastered the content. While this helps them satisfy their curiosity, having a one-track mind can sometimes make it harder for them to make friends. Give your child a well-rounded education by incorporating art, music, and sports into their daily curriculum. This way, they have a way to expand their social circle through finding mutual interests with new friends.

Surround Them With Other Gifted Learners

In private schools, kids are less likely to stick out since the other students are so focused on learning. Having other kids nearby who understand what it means to be gifted instantly reassures your kid that they are developing normally. Since everyone is performing at a higher level, it also reduces feelings of jealousy among classmates that can lead to bullying. Schools with a high focus on stimulating student achievement will also have those extracurricular options that allow kids to mingle with others who have above average intelligence.

Encourage Open Communication

It is important to know what is going on with your child. After enrolling them in a new program, ask them how they are doing and if they are making friends. You can also schedule a conference with their teacher early in the year that helps you know more about their adjustment. Always be alert for signs that your child is struggling in school, and remember that older kids can provide input into what could help such as attending a school that meets their unique needs.

Finding the right school for your child makes a big difference in their emotional comfort. While most schools today try to limit bullying, it may not always be possible to stop it all from happening. Since gifted learners do face higher risks for bullying, being proactive is the best way to protect your child's emotional health. By being willing to find the right educational program for your child, you can ensure their happiness in life well beyond graduation day.