3 Back-To-School Tips To Help Preschool Kids Thrive

Preschool is an exciting time for kids. Significant learning takes place between the ages of 2 and 5, and preschool provides a safe, fun, and structured learning environment. When it's time to go back to preschool after a break, children need to adjust to the inevitable changes that come with a new school year. Follow these tips to make the transition easier and happier for preschool kids.

Tip #1: Make a Fun Breakfast Menu for Your Kids

Choose five simple, fun breakfast menu options for preschool kids. The choices can be easy to make, like instant oatmeal. Make a menu that displays the choices with images that kids can identify even though they probably can't read yet.

Next, give preschool kids a sense of control of their mornings by letting them choose what they want each morning. This will encourage them to eat a healthy breakfast, and the creative menu will add fun to each morning.

Tip #2: Start a New After-Work Tradition

Adding fun to a school morning is a great thing, but children also need something to look forward to at the end of the school day. Start a new after-school tradition for kids that is centered around their interests, and it should be something you enjoy doing, too, so you don't dread the end of your own work day. Think about ways to share quality time together and create fun memories.

The new after-school tradition can be anything you'd like. It can be taking a break from homework and chores to enjoy a board game together immediately after you get home, or it could be something as simple as eating a snack together on a patio or porch. Choose something that you can easily do so that you aren't tempted to break the tradition when your kids are looking forward to it.

Tip #3: Engage Preschool Children in Fun Conversations

Encourage preschool children to share about their school day. They will revel in the attention when you ask them open-ended questions, and that will show your little ones that you have a sincere interest in their feelings and experiences. Ask them a variety of questions that can help them share about the things they were thinking and feeling throughout the school day.

Finally, when your little ones are ready for preschool, they may also be full of wonder. Small children often love preschool, and they look forward to seeing their teachers, caregivers, and peers. Nurture their natural enthusiasm, and you can help them develop a love of school and learning that can last a lifetime. Check with places like Country Day School for more ideas to help your child adjust.