Four Ways A Private School May Benefit Your Gifted Child

The school your child attends and the educational opportunities he is provided are important for all children, but it is especially important for gifted children. Because gifted children have a tendency to become bored with routine school tasks once they have mastered the concepts, it is important that the school you choose will continue to challenge your child and provide him with opportunities to learn and grow. Without it, many gifted children lose interest in school and may even struggle academically despite their abilities.That's why a private school may be a better choice than a public school for your gifted child. Consider these benefits of a private school for the education of gifted children.

#1 Smaller Class Size

As a rule, class size in private schools is smaller than the class size in public schools. This often translates to a lower student-to-teacher ratio. This means your gifted child will likely have more individual attention in a private school. It also means that teachers and other staff members will get to know your child better and will have more time to track his individual progress. This is vital for a gifted student so the teachers can assess his skill level and provide educational activities that will build upon his skills.

#2 Flexible Curricula 

Public school teachers are tasked with meeting specific educational goals and often are not allowed to deviate from the approved curriculum. It is their job to see that all children meet the educational standards and pass vigorous state or federal tests. This often means teaching to the test, regardless of if the subject matter and concepts are appropriate for all children. In the case of your gifted child this may mean weeks spent on concepts that he has already mastered. Private schools have more flexibility in the curricula and can easily adapt the standard curricula to meet the needs of your child to avoid wasting time working on skills and tasks he has already mastered.

#3 Service Learning

Public schools often incorporate service learning into the curriculum, but it is often done only on special occasions, such as cleaning the playground or roadside on Earth Day. Private schools, however, often can and do incorporate service learning on an ongoing basis. For example, your gifted child may be able to work with community members on service projects throughout the school year, allowing him to share his skills and knowledge with others outside of the classroom.

#4 Sense of Community

Because the class size and student to teacher ration is low, your child will get to know all members of the school community. Your child may attend school in the same classroom or have the same teacher for more than one year and may be involved in school wide projects with his peers. This builds a sense of belonging and builds a strong community which helps your gifted child learn and grow in a safe environment where his unique talents are appreciated and respected.